Vase Baldwin 33x33x98cm

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Vase Baldwin 33x33x98cm (104692)

Each Vase Baldwin 33x33x98cm (104692) Vase of clear material has a beveled top. Together they look stunning and attract the eye and enchant the mind. A must-have addition to glamorous and contemporary aesthetics interior. Jazz up your interior with the luxury Vase. Crafted from durable materials with a highlight finish, this gorgeous piece perfectly captures the opulent modern design. This artsy Vase Baldwin 33x33x98cm (104692) Vase is crafted handmade it will be an eye-catcher in your design.


Whether or not your Vase is purely decorative or both functional and stylish, careful cleaning and maintenance of the fabric grants long-term satisfaction.
To fully enjoy your Vase Baldwin 33x33x98cm (104692) Vase and ensure its longevity, please follow a few basic rules:

  • Don’t place your Vase Baldwin 33x33x98cm (104692) Vase near a fireplace that’s in use.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight.
  • Be careful with jeans that can transfer color onto the fabric: this may be unfixable.
  • Don’t expose your Vase Baldwin 33x33x98cm (104692) Vase to scratches from pets or sharp objects (e.g. studs, buckles).


Weight 12.08 kg
Height 98 cm
Width 33 cm
Length 33 cm

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Material Aluminium
Color Silver
Shape Round
Style Classic
Weight 12.08 kg
Width 33 cm
Height 98 cm
Length 33 cm