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Terms and Conditions
For the purposes of the present general terms and conditions of sale, the terms starting with a capital letter will have the meaning assigned to them in Article 13 hereinafter referred to as «Definitions». The current general terms and conditions of sale apply to all Products sold by the Company through the Website and delivered in the Netherlands. The Company's customer accepts the current terms and conditions of sale without reservation as soon as he ticks them by electronic click prior to placing his Order. The current general terms and conditions of sale and the Order confirmation are the Agreement between the Company and the Customer for the delivery of the Products in the Netherlands. All other terms and conditions do not apply. The Agreement cannot be changed unless the Company accepts to change it in writing or by email. The information contained in advertising, brochures and any other written document supplied directly by Company agents or employees and / or distributed or communicated in any way and primarily via the Internet is an invitation to negotiate and has no contractual value.
1. Pre-contractual information
The Customer is informed that the Products offered for sale on the Website are new, in accordance with the applicable European legislation and the standards applicable in Europe. The Company does not sell second-hand Products through the Website (provided it is clearly identified with the product).
By checking the current general terms and conditions of sale, the Customer acknowledges: to have full decision-making power or the permission of the authorized person before placing an Order with the Company; to have read the current general conditions of sale and the essential characteristics of the Products he orders; the essential characteristics are stated on the technical sheet of the Products on the Website; in this regard, the Company clarifies that the photos of the Products offered for sale on the Website are as faithful as possible, but that they cannot guarantee a perfect resemblance to the Products offered; the photos on the Website are therefore purely indicative and the Company cannot be held liable for this.
If the Customer is of the opinion that he is insufficiently able to choose the Product (s) that is (are) most suitable for him, he must be assisted by an Advisor chosen by him. In any case, the Customer has the option to contact the Company by email / telephone in order to obtain additional information about the Products contained on the Website.
2. Order  
3. Price and payment 4. Payment of the Products 5. Delivery of the Products  
6. Right of the Customer to return the Products  7. Warranty 8. Liability 9. Force majeure
Will be considered force majeure: states of war, lock-out, revolts, strikes, coups, natural disasters, and more generally all cases recognized by the case law of Dutch courts and tribunals with regard to the unforeseen, irresistible and external nature of these events. However, the Company cannot be held liable for the non-performance of its contractual obligations if such non-performance is the result of force majeure and these circumstances cannot reasonably be charged to the Company.
10. Applicable law - Competent court
The current general sales conditions are subject to Dutch law. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or implementation of the current terms or its continuation will be subject only to: the jurisdiction of the courts of common law in the country of delivery if the Client is not a trader. the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Amsterdam (Netherlands) if the Customer is a trader.
11. General provisions  
12. Protection of personal data
By placing his Order, the Customer agrees that the Company may store, process and use the data collected through the Order in order to process the Order. 13. Defined terms
In these general terms and conditions of sale, the following terms should be understood as  14. Contact
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